Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catching up!

I am finally catching up with a few things! Isaac is taking a nap and I decided to get computer work done! I have been busy knitting and spinning-- What else!!! Here is a picture of my Elizabeth Z's Year KAL. I started it on July 12th and I am working on the last section of lace before knitting the lace border.

Here is a picture of Isaac- he found my cat ears from last Halloween. He has also worn them when playing football with Papa!!

We went to a baseball game (Idaho Falls Chuckers-a Kansas City farm team) for my birthday. When Isaac wasn't flirting with the girls behind us or sitting on my lap, I was knitting!

I have been spinning yarn for my Knitty Kal, and will post pictures later!


Angelika said...

You sure have your hands full, either way. Those ears are cute, what was your costume? ;)

Debora Bass said...

I teach preschool, so it WASN'T Catwoman LOL. I was just a simple cat :)